LEGO Star Wars, City and Friends Advent Calendars – Day 12

Each morning leading up to Christmas day, Brick Fanatics is cracking open all three official LEGO advent calendars to see what goodies are found within

Christmas is approaching and to celebrate the festive season, Brick Fanatics is opening up the LEGO advent calendars each day before sharing our thoughts on what is found behind the doors. Feel free to join us and share your own comments when opening up those advent calendar doors – whether you opted for Star Wars, City or Friends. You can do so on FacebookTwitter or underneath this very feature.

Advent Calendar_2017-57

75184 Star Wars: Micro Millennium Falcon

Versions of the Millennium Falcons in micro scale have appeared before and always look fairly similar due to there being a limited number of ways to execute its round shape at this scale. Thankfully, that execution always involves round plates, still somewhat hard to get in large numbers, so any chance to acquire more is welcome.

Advent Calendar_2017-58

60155 City: Winter market stall

This model is not exactly what it should be to represent a market stall – it could do with using a few more pieces and being a bit bigger to allow better minifigure interaction. Perhaps the odd model like this one uses fewer parts so that other builds can be bulked up with a few more pieces. Today’s market stall would have benefited from being closer to the LEGO Friends version.

Advent Calendar_2017-59

41326 Friends: Winter market stall

This stall is a slight improvement on the one included yesterday. This is due to the inclusion of two printed bricks, one is a chocolate bar and the other a  milk carton. Such pieces are not only decent but also serve to demonstrate what the stall is selling.

Advent Calendar_2017-60We hope you are enjoying our daily look at the LEGO advent calendars. If you still have Christmas shopping to do – or if you are treating yourself to some well earned LEGO products – then please use our affiliate links, so that we can continue to bring the latest LEGO news, reviews and features.


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