LEGO Star Wars, City and Friends Advent Calendars – Day 7

Each morning leading up to Christmas day, Brick Fanatics is cracking open all three official LEGO advent calendars to see what goodies are found within

Christmas is approaching and to celebrate the festive season, Brick Fanatics is opening up the LEGO advent calendars each day before sharing our thoughts on what is found behind the doors. Feel free to join us and share your own comments when opening up those advent calendar doors – whether you opted for Star Wars, City or Friends. You can do so on FacebookTwitter or underneath this very feature.

Advent Calendar_2017-29

75184 Star Wars: First Order Stormtrooper

Why will LEGO fans love today’s Star Wars surprise? Because you can never have enough Stormtroopers. Especially when they are the First Order variant, a version that has not been available for so long. There is little more to say, other than add this fellow to your armies or display him building a Snowtrooper.

Advent Calendar_2017-31

60155 City: Toboggan 

Rare parts, or standard parts in rare colours, are one of the main draws that drive LEGO fans to purchase the advent calendars. The moulded hockey stick element, that originated in the Collectible Minifigures line, is a fabulous piece made all the more awesome when it can be found in a uniform single colour. When that is the case its usefulness increases dramatically. Scoring two of them here is fantastic and forgives all the demerits that would otherwise be levelled at a sled with skis that do not touch the ground.

Advent Calendar_2017-32

41326 Friends: Doghouse

I did not like the bunny house that came before, and I do not like this dog house either for all of the same reasons. It uses mediocre parts, it has insufficient covering for the animal it houses and low levels of detail – it all adds up to a model that is an easy pass.Advent Calendar_2017-30

We hope you are enjoying our daily look at the LEGO advent calendars. If you still have Christmas shopping to do – or if you are treating yourself to some well earned LEGO products – then please use our affiliate links, so that we can continue to bring the latest LEGO news, reviews and features.




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