LEGO Star Wars Droid Orchestra conductor reveals instruments used

Sam Battle, also known as LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, has revealed how he conducted the LEGO Star Wars Droid Orchestra using BOOST 75253 Droid Commander.

Yesterday, the LEGO Star Wars Droid Orchestra was revealed to the world. Using LEGO Star Wars BOOST 75253 Droid Commander, a musician and creator spent 3,148 hours getting 95 droids to play the Star Wars theme.

The musician behind it all is Sam Battle, better known as LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER. He had to pair each iPad to each droid individually, with the exception of a few static droids which he hard wired. He has explained a little about the instruments that were used in the video.

“The synths were MS10s and MS20s, I had most of them already, I borrowed a couple and they just look nice in a row. All of them monophonic, but between each synth was a tiny bit of overlap, the levers were pivoted in such a way the keys were quite light to push for the Gonks. This was a very solid setup that worked without fail every time,” Sam explains.

“The R2-D2s on the xylophones tended to drift, so before each attempt all of their heads needed to be reset to a centre point so the beaters would hit in time. I ended up doubling up the R2-D2s so their out of time nature wouldn’t be as noticeable (two droids on each note means more of a chance it is in time). The violins needed re-setting each time, luckily the song only needed three different notes from the violins, so four violins per note (and two for the least used note).”

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