LEGO Star Wars Magazine #14 Free Gift Revealed

LEGO Star Wars Magazine 14

The official LEGO themed magazines might be purely kid-focused material, but the fact that they come with actual LEGO bricks has made them a somewhat appealing prospect to collectors. The Star Wars mag inevitably eschews minifigures in favour of small, brick-built models, but occasionally those turn out to be pretty decent – case in point, the Acklay included in the current issue.

Issue 14’s free gift is somewhat less inspiring, but like the Acklay and Issue 13’s TIE Bomber, represents a source rarely visited by the LEGO Group: Yoda’s Hut. There are a few interesting parts, but beyond that it’s hardly the most iconic of locations, particularly at this scale.

At this point, the magazine appears to have been relegated to a dumping ground for all the models AFOLs want TLG to revisit at minifigure scale, but apparently never will. On that basis, we can probably look forward to a full Cloud City model in a future issue…

We’re still on Issue 12 at the moment in the UK, which you can either find in newsagents or order online. Issue 13 is due out on July 13, with Issue 14 to follow later. If you don’t want to miss an issue, you can also buy a year’s subscription for £75.52 including delivery.

Image: Hoth Bricks

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