LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon: Ultimate Colour Edition

A fan’s colourful rendition of the Millennium Falcon is piquing the interest of the online community, well beyond LEGO fan sites.

With LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon proving unattainable for many, this colourful creation is capturing the imagination of Internet users around the world. The build, by funkblast1, is a couple of years old – but it seems that the high price tag that precludes many from owning the new Ultimate Collector Series set is helping people to see the beauty in this fan made version.

What seems to work so well with this is that so many people grew up in a world without LEGO Star Wars, when a regular bucket of bricks had to provide the requisite parts to build the star fighters from the beloved saga. Few children had enough grey, white and black bricks to make movie accurate X-wings and TIE Fighters, so the colours rarely matched the on-screen originals. This Millennium Falcon manages to maintain the shape of the vessel as seen in the films, but with the colour craziness that children have no qualms with.


It is heartening to see so many people appreciate this unique LEGO build, as it serves as a reminder that loving the LEGO hobby is not all about spending big bucks. That said, 75192 Millennium Falcon is a rather splendid set…


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