LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets found at retail in USA

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story product has been showing up all around the world for the last week, and now the first confirmed sighting of LEGO product has occurred. A store called Kroger, in Delaware, USA is the place to be if you’d like your LEGO Rogue One sets early – as reported by Star Wars collecting website Rebelscum. It’s nice to see LEGO collectors get the same early fun that Hasbro action figure fans are enjoying, as big chain retailers seem to be doing little to enforce the official launch date of September 30.

Of course, if you don’t have time to fly to Ohio and back, you can just pre-order the sets at Argos.



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  1. andyecfc

    We’ve got the sets in at work already, but Lego have chucked an embargo on them until Force Friday so no chance of me sneaking one through the till system till then :/

    AT-ST and Tie Striker are on the list 🙂

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