LEGO Star Wars Tauntaun build

Transport your LEGO Star Wars minifigure rebels safely through Hoth’s tundra with this brick-built, fully flexible Tauntaun

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back’s opening act introduced us to the furry creatures known as Tauntans, as they were ridden by rebels scouting the ice cold planet of Hoth, where the hidden Echo Base was situated. Flash forward to 2017 and these two-horned, four-nostriled beasts are still on Hoth, now bravely charging into combat as part of a never ending cycle of conflict created by Battlefront II.

The LEGO Group has offered us a fully-moulded, fully inflexible Tauntaun in three sets so far, the latest of which is the still available – 75098 Assault on Hoth. Whilst the likeness is far better captured in such a way, the fun of posing and playing with the animal isn’t there. I came up with this brick-built solution to offer some satisfaction.


Another three-part build here, and we begin with the central core, which will connect the legs, head and tail together.

Next up are the legs, which are obviously mirrored to each other. Those Mixel joints (which the LEGO Group will remind you were actually introduced in the Legends of Chima line) prove handy, and allow for some fantastic and authentic movement. The tail is the tricky part, not for its construction, but for finding that piece in that colour. Not very common. Get on BrickLink.

The head and neck are a bit trickier – focus on the head in the first two pictures here, and note the looser connection on the very front 1×1 plate. I think that adds a bit more detail to the face to help sell the effect.

Putting the sections together should be easy enough, whilst the minifigure’s leg design is exactly the same as for the 74-Z speeder bike’s scout trooper and the AT-RT Walker’s clone trooper.

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