LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures ‘A Perilous Rescue’ review

While Kordi and Zander pick up additional responsibilities in the Rebel fleet, Rowan is left to seek adventure by himself and that brings him face-to-face with M-OC as LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures continues

Title: A Perilous Rescue  Season: 2  Episode: 10  Original air date: August 10, 2017

Good things are happening to the Freemakers. Kordi becomes part of the strategy council, where Rebel leaders like Mon Mothma and Hera Syndulla seek her advice. Zander joins Blue Squadron as the pilot of the Arrowhead, and together, they bring down several Imperial Star Destroyers.

Rowan, on the other hand, starts to carry out his duties as the new Master Ship Builder, but Quarrie tells him to relax. Soon after, Rowan starts to get bored and the desire for adventure and excitement gets the better of him.

So when he receives a distress signal from Maynar, a Lurmen girl he met in ‘The Lost Crystals of Qalydon‘, he takes the opportunity to be heroic, not realising that it’s all a ruse and that what he’s walking into is a trap.

Spoilers follow, so please watch the episode before reading the review if you wish to avoid them.


The Freemaker Adventures is widely known to be a lighthearted and humorous series. Even in Season One, when Naare hunted Rowan down and took possession of the Kyber Saber, you knew that the Freemakers would come out triumphant from those events.

This episode, however, took things to another level and had some darker tones and moments that made you fear for Rowan’s safety, even though in the back of your mind you know things are going to turn out well for our heroes.

M-OC walking through Maynar’s hologram and Darth Vader tearing M-OC apart stand out as some of the creepiest scenes we’ve seen, so the writers and animators successfully managed to shake things up and serve up something new for the audience.


Before Vader turns on M-OC and leaves him for scraps, however, it was hilarious to see the two sort of working together. From the start of the season, we were given the impression that M-OC and Darth Vader would have a tense and strained relationship, which they really did.

The best part of all this is that you don’t know what to expect next, especially now that Vader is taking M-OC’s credit for having captured Rowan. You sort of have the vague idea that Rowan will get through this and rejoin his siblings in the Rebellion, but the steps and details in getting to that point are unknown and that’s what makes the show all the more fun to watch.

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