LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures trailer breakdown

We take a look at what there is to look forward to from the second season of the animated series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is returning to Disney XD this Summer, bringing new adventures from a galaxy far, far away in the unique LEGO style. Season One provided a surprisingly impressive mix of heart, humour and the kind of kinetic adventure that only Star Wars can provide. The first trailer for Season Two provides a few hints about what may be coming next for the crew of the StarScavenger…


At the end of Season One, the Freemakers were recruited to the Rebel Alliance – the surprise was left hanging, and here in Season Two fans will be find out how the family fit into the larger organisation.


Characters from elsewhere in the Star Wars universe will be appearing, including Hera Syndullah  from Star Wars Rebels – who in a little bit of dialogue in Rogue One was revealed to be a general by that point in the timeline. The character will be voiced by Vanessa Marshall, as revealed by the voice actor on Twitter.


The Arrowhead will be released as a physical LEGO set to tie in with the series, and is prophesised as a ship that will ‘turn the tide of this war’. But only Rowan Freemaker can build it, meaning once again the plucky young Force user will have the fate of the galaxy on his shoulders.


As any LEGO fan knows, MOC stands for ‘My Own Creation’ – so Emperor Palpatine naturally calls his new lightsaber wielding hunter droid, M-OC. It’s nice to have a nod to the fans in the series.


It looks like The Freemaker Adventures will once again showcase some of the creatures found across the galaxy, as this looks to be a Gundark.


Clearly Graballa the Hutt’s aspirations haven’t been dampened, as he’s back with his hilarious sidekicks Baash and Raam. Whether he’ll have learned to avoid making deals with sinister looking characters is another matter.


It seems that Rowan has access to plenty of Kyber crystals, as this snippet shows him using the Force to assemble them. His powers may have grown, but clearly he is still slightly out of his depth, as he tells M-OC, ‘never tell me the odds… mostly because I don’t understand how they work’.


Tracker I is the other physical LEGO set that will be released based on this new season of adventures, joining 75147 StarScavenger and 75145 Eclipse Fighter. It is only glimpsed in the trailers, but this TIE inspired ship will be the vehicle of choice for M-OC.

More news about LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is expected from Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The LEGO Star Wars range, including sets based on the series, is available to buy from


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