LEGO Star Wars 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet review

One of the galaxy’s most iconic bounty hunters gets his own LEGO Star Wars helmet, but is 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet worth hunting down, or are there better targets to pursue?

One of the first LEGO Star Wars helmets to be released was the iconic bust of the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. His Mandalorian helmet was recreated with such a high level of authenticity and accuracy that it remains one of the most popular sets LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection.

But now there’s a new Mando on the block, Din Djarin, who first appeared in John Favreau and Dave Filoni’s smash hit TV series The Mandalorian. Such is its popularity that it wasn’t a case of if The Mandalorian’s helmet would be released, but when.

However, with one Mandalorian headpiece already under our belts, will there be enough originality within Din Djarin’s design to warrant buying both, or will we just feel like we’re treading old ground with a slightly different colour scheme?

— Set details —

Theme: LEGO Star Wars Set name: 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet Release: March 1, 2022

Price: £54.99 / $59.99 / €59.99 Pieces: 584 Minifigures: 0

LEGO: Available March 1, 2022

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet 6

— Build —

A Mandalarion’s helmet is undoubtedly one of the coolest things in the entire Star Wars universe. Boba Fett’s iconic look has captured the imagination of Star Wars fans for over four decades, and thanks to TV series such as The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars and Rebels introducing us to even more Mandalorian characters, their popularity is in no danger of waning.

Fans will no doubt clamour to add 75328 The Mandalorian to their collection, and will be pleased to find there are enough distinctions between Din Djarin and Boba Fett’s respective headpieces to make both feel like completely individual designs.

Unlike the majority of the other sets in the LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection, the initial stages here feel very involved and intricate. The inner core is a fairly complex design, and for those who have built 75277 Boba Fett’s Helmet, it does a great job in separating the two builds right from the start.

Constructing the top of the head also feels very different. Layered plates are once again used to create the curved structure (as is the case with all LEGO Star Wars helmets), but the central ridge that runs right across the top is a unique design. Rather than a few large curved slopes, it’s made up of a number of smaller sub-assemblies, mixing 1×3 curved slopes and 2×2 tiles. 

The side and front details of the helmet are all separate sub-assemblies that attach to the main body of the build through clips, studs and ball and joint sockets. It keeps the experience varied, and also makes for some very satisfying connections. These do more than just keep the build from feeling repetitive, too: the side panels connected via the ball and socket joints jut out ever so slightly, matching Din Djarin’s on-screen helmet perfectly.

The iconic t-shaped visor is the last element to be built, and when it’s finally attached the helmet really comes to life. Once again, another Star Wars bust has been designed with a high level of accuracy and authenticity. It looks superb on its own, and utterly brilliant, complementing either Boba Fett or any of the other helmets in the collection (or all of them, if you’re lucky enough to have the full set).

Perhaps the biggest departure from Boba Fett’s helmet are the drum-lacquered silver pieces used throughout the design. Drum-lacquered parts were put to extraordinary effect for Marvel’s 76191 Infinity Gauntlet, and once again they elevate what could be a good-looking model into a fantastic one.

It does feel like more could have been spread across the design, especially when compared to the abundance of parts that feature on Thanos’s famous glove, but what’s there contrasts brilliantly against the light grey, making certain features pop and adding a fantastic aesthetic to the finished model.

Din Djarin’s helmet is a lot more understated than Boba Fett’s, lacking the varied colour scheme, but through the use of various drum-lacquered pieces the bust takes on an identity of its own.

— Characters —

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet comes with no minifigures, just like all the other LEGO Star Wars helmets. This is the way. 

— Price —

LEGO Star Wars helmets are an excellent example of what LEGO for Adults is all about. They’re brilliantly-designed models that use exciting and creative techniques, resulting in stylish and sophisticated display pieces. These are sets aimed at grown-ups, invoking the feeling of a premium product with a price tag that feels more than reasonable. 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet doesn’t deviate from this norm, and as a result it is very hard to find fault with its retail price. 

— Pictures

— Summary —

As you’ve probably guessed by now, 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet is a bounty well worth hunting down. The final model is accurate with a decent level of authenticity, capturing the unmistakable essence of Din Djarin. If there’s one niggle, it’s that a few more of those fantastic drum-lacquered pieces could have turned it into something absolutely extraordinary. The price would have increased considerably, but it’s still one that fans would have no doubt been willing to pay.

That said, the build is incredibly enjoyable, culminating in an excellent rendition of The Mandalorian’s already iconic headpiece, and already owning 75277 Boba Fett Helmet should be no barrier to adding this to your LEGO Star Wars Helmet Collection.

This set was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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— FAQs —

How long does it take to build LEGO Star Wars 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet?

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet is an enjoyable build. There are five bags to work through, which will probably take around an hour to 90 minutes to finish.

How many pieces are in LEGO Star Wars 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet?

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet contains 584 pieces, including a number of drum-lacquered silver parts. In comparison, there are 41 more pieces needed to complete 75277 Boba Fett Helmet – mostly for that set’s rangefinder – but both models are pretty much exactly the same dimensions.

How big is LEGO Star Wars 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet?

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet is kept to the same scale as the other helmets in the collection, measuring 18cm high, 11cm wide and 12cm deep.

How much does LEGO Star Wars 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet cost?

75328 The Mandalorian Helmet is available from March 1, 2022 for £54.99 in the UK, $59.99 in the US and €59.99 across Europe. 

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