LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian key light helps you find the way

You can now find the way using a LEGO minifigure key light version of Din Djarin from Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

5006364 The Mandalorian Key Light is one of three new key lights that’s just been added to The accessories offer oversized minifigures on key chains, with torch lights built into their feet. They’re activated by simply pressing down on their torsos.

If you often find yourself stumbling around in the dark, these minifigure lights could be just what you need. That’s if you don’t have your smartphone to hand, of course. But who are we to say these products don’t fill a consumer need? Whipping out a mini Mando is definitely more entertaining than simply unlocking your phone, after all.

Besides, there are situations where you might not have your device to hand, and the other two new key lights definitely speak to those. They’re based on nurse and surgeon minifigures, making them perfect for busy hospital workers running around in scrubs – and, of course, plenty relevant to the current global situation. If you have a medical professional in your life, then, these could make for great stocking fillers.

Here’s the full list of new key lights available at

5006364 The Mandalorian Key Light
5006365 Nurse Key Light
5006366 Surgeon Key Light

You can order them right now for £9.99 / €11.69 apiece (sorry, US fans – you’re out of luck at the mo).

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