LEGO Store Fifth Avenue reveals surprising secret when you look closely

LEGO Store Fifth Avenue has a surprising reveal when you get close to some of its largest displays.

If you’ve ever been to a LEGO Store in person, you’ll know that it’s packed full of life-sized builds and towering murals made from bricks, showcasing landmarks and cultural icons from the local area. The LEGO Store in Munich, Germany is packed full of Bratwurst and Oktoberfest celebrations, while LEGO Store Leicester Square includes various symbols from the capital, like Big Ben and a London phone box.

TikTokker @latericka0 noticed that one aspect of the LEGO Store decor isn’t quite what it seems, however. While visiting LEGO Store Fifth Avenue in the Rockefeller Center, New York, they walked up to a wall designed to look like a block of brick-built New Yorker apartments.

When they reach out to touch the wall itself, while the 3D aspects of the mural are made from LEGO pieces, the wall itself is only wallpaper made to look like LEGO studs. From far away, it’s hard to tell that there’s any difference between the paper illusion and the actual built elements.

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Image: @latericka0

We think the LEGO Group can get away with using wallpaper instead of plates and studs here though, seeing as the rest of the LEGO displays use plenty of them. The Tree of Discovery at Fifth Avenue alone uses 880,000 LEGO elements, and that’s just one of many enormous builds dotted throughout the store.

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