LEGO Stores continue to reopen

Around the world, coronavirus restrictions are changing and some LEGO Stores are reopening.

When the coronavirus outbreak worsened, LEGO Stores around the world closed. Last week, LEGO Stores in the USA began to reopen. Depending on government guidance, some stores are able to fully reopen and some are only offering curb side collection.

As different countries are in different stages of their coronavirus response, there is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ response from the LEGO Group when it comes to brand stores, so fans are being encouraged to check on the website if their local outlet is open or not.

Here is the official announcement:

As governments in countries and cities allow shops to reopen, we are reopening our stores as it’s safe to do so. Some of these stores have already been opened or are opening in the coming days. Please check to see if you store is open(ing) and if there is any additional information provided. Please spend special attention to the “Additional Information” section to see location specific information as seen below.

In the stores we’ve opened we have introduced strict health and safety policies to protect shoppers, visitors and colleagues. This includes implementing social distancing measures, steps to ensure personal hygiene such as masks and hand sanitisers and additional cleaning. We also won’t be offering shared play experiences, such as play tables or hosting events until we believe it’s safe to do so.

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