LEGO Stranger Things rumoured to be launching this year

Brick Fanatics has received word that a LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stranger Things set may be released later this year.

As if LEGO Hidden Side was not about to bring enough spooky mystery to the world of the brick, Brick Fanatics understands that a set based on Stranger Things will launch later in 2019. The single set is likely to be a D2C exclusive, available only through LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at Stores and

Stranger Things Season 1 debuted on Netflix in 2016 and received acclaim online, generating a huge fanbase. The Duffer brothers fused 1980s nostalgia with horror elements, crafting an ongoing series with an unfolding mystery for its characters to solve. Season 3 is set to launch on July 4, 2019.

The LEGO set based on the series is expected to include a real-world location and a section of the Upside Down, the other reality that is unleashing the Demogorgon upon the people of Hawkins. No more information is available yet, but the core child characters – Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Lucas – seem like must-haves.

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for what a LEGO Stranger Things set could include with Brick Fanatics on social media.

All rumours should be treated as such until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group.

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