LEGO street artist paints tribute to schoolgirl

The latest piece by street artist Ame72, who paints LEGO minifigures, was inspired by the charity work of a school girl.

Acclaimed street artist Ame72 – who is inspired by LEGO minifigures – painted his latest work on Litchard Primary School in Bridgend, South Wales, after being inspired by an 11 year old girl at the school. Hollie Evans, who has Down’s Syndrome, has campaigned to change public perception of the condition.

“It’s not every day someone asks to give a gift,” Ame72 told the BBC. He had been contacted by Hollie’s mother, who explained that her daughter had been taking part in various fundraising activities and collecting donations for sick children.

“Hollie is a little inspiration as she has been through a lot in her 11 years,” her mother explained. “She was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at 10 days old and with leukaemia at 19 months old.

“I explained how amazing the school have been with Hollie with all the support they show us and how they love being involved in all (her) charity work.”

After getting permission for the school to be used for a piece of artwork from the street artist, Ms Evans was surprised to find a LEGO minifigure spray painted in place shortly thereafter. Ame72 has recently painted a number of minifigures in the town.

The 11 year old will receive a Mayor’s Citizenship Award in recognition of her contribution to the local community.

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