New LEGO Super Mario Character Packs impossible to identify

As LEGO Super Mario Character Packs move from plastic bags to cardboard boxes, nimble fingers won’t be any help to you now.

The LEGO Group has used blind bags for many years.  Most often associated with the Collectible Minifigures, first seen in 2010, there has been a battle raging between the LEGO Group who would – understandably – like you to buy far more bags than you actually need in order to complete your collection, and canny buyers. Those with deft fingers and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the accessories that accompany each minifigure could stand in a shop and feel for the elements that would let them identify the contents of the bag, thus completing their set without the dreaded ‘double’.

The first four series of the LEGO Super Mario Character Packs also came in these bags giving collectors a fighting chance of finding the character they needed. At LEGO CON 2022 though, a change was announced, and Series 5 of the Character Packs will now come in cardboard packaging, which is better for the environment but less good for those trying to hunt down that elusive last character.

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In addition, the price also appears to be increasing, although we’ve had announcements of price rises across many themes, so that’s hardly surprising. Whereas individual packs retailed at £3.49/$4.99, it seems that when Series 5 goes on sale, they’ll be £4.99/$5.99. So not only will collectors have to pay more for each pack, the chances of them picking up one they don’t need will increase.

We can already hear the familiar refrain… Need, got, got, need, got…

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