LEGO Swing Ship Ride June 2021 GWP revealed

Previously an Asia-exclusive, LEGO Swing Ship Ride will swing its way across to other world markets in June.

The set will be a free gift-with-purchase for all orders over $85 across all LEGO builds, only for VIPs. LEGO Swing Ship Ride is made up of 152 pieces and has been available previously as a GWP in South Korea and with a minimum spend in China.

In Asia, it was produced in limited numbers of just 1,000, making it a rare set that had been known to fetch relatively high prices with secondhand LEGO sellers. That number is expected to increase for international markets, making it a less rare and therefore less profitable secondhand set.

LEGO Swing Ship GWP

With the announcement in the LEGO Store US calendar, we can now confirm that this set will have the inscription of the LEGO Motto, ‘Leg Godt’, or play well. In some countries, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Vietnam and China, International’s Children Day is celebrated on June 1, so one version of the model had ‘Happy Children’s Day 2021’ written on it instead.

As most countries in the international market don’t celebrate the holiday until November 20, it seems the designers felt it was simpler to stick with ‘Leg Godt’. Of course, this has only been confirmed in the LEGO Store US calendar, so it’s not 100% certain where else it will be available yet.

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