LEGO team up with Ford at the Geneva International Motor Show

The LEGO Group has collaborated with Ford to bring the brick to the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), which is taking place until March 19. LEGO builds are on display at this year’s motor industry shin-dig.

I was surprised on my annual visit to GIMS by the Ford stand this year. The company are promoting the new Ford GT and their racing heritage, including a massive tie up with the LEGO Group smack bang in the middle of the stand.

Along with the current Speed Champions sets, there were three lovely commissioned builds –  the original GT40 in black, the new Le Mans GT and a life size model of a driver.

It was annoying that the models of the LEGO Speed Champions cars were housed within a perspex container – it would have been nice to see them up close and personal knowing that the models would have been super glued together.

The hardest part of the life-sized builds must have been the sponsor logos – from afar, as per the driver figure, you can clearly make out the Ford oval. Up front, it is distorted, but that is to be expected, such is the rigidity of the bricks and tiles.

I was slightly taken aback – I was not expecting to see this display, but was delightfully surprised. It really says something when a toy makes it so big that it frequently makes it to such events to promote other companies entirely.

The Speed Champions range is available to buy from, with double VIP points currently available.


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