LEGO teases next 90th anniversary set as it launches birthday celebrations

The LEGO Group has kicked off its 90th birthday celebrations today, and in doing so has teased the arrival of its next anniversary set.

Technically, the 90th anniversary festivities actually started with the release of 11021 90 Years of Play, a LEGO Classic set that recreates a handful of models from across the past nine decades in miniature form. But what we’re all really waiting for is the result of last year’s LEGO Ideas poll to choose the flagship 90th anniversary set, which is currently rumoured to be 10305 Lion King’s Castle.

In a press release anchored around the company’s annual Play Well Study – which contains valuable insights such as ‘parents like kids playing’ and ‘kids say playing makes them happy’ – the LEGO Group has announced a range of activities, events and product launches across 2022, all geared towards celebrating its 90th anniversary.

20220511 LEGO 90th Anniversary Timeline Infographic FINAL

Among those are: building challenges and quizzes across its social platforms from June 9; building activities in LEGO Stores from June 10; showcasing the efforts of adult fans of LEGO around the world; the return of LEGO CON on June 18; activities and collectible badges at LEGOLAND parks; and ‘recreating iconic LEGO models to provide hours of fun and nostalgia’ with 11021 90 Years of Play – and ‘another celebratory set still to be revealed’.

Curiously, that wording suggests we’re only going to see one more 90th anniversary set, while at least two are currently rumoured in 10305 Lion King’s Castle and 10497 Galaxy Explorer. It may be that this press release is referring specifically to the outright winner of the LEGO Ideas poll, and not any additional products the company has come up with beyond that, but it’s equally possible that the rumours around one of those sets are actually false.

We’ll find out for sure later this year, when the LEGO Group pulls back the curtain on the set – or sets – planned for its 90th anniversary. The precise date the company was founded is August 10, 1932, so expect to see any such products land on shelves in just over two months.

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