LEGO teases ‘surprising’ new Collectible Minifigures series for May 2021

The LEGO Group is teasing a ‘surprising’ new Collectible Minifigures series launching in May 2021.

71029 Series 21 hasn’t hit shelves yet, but the LEGO Group is already looking ahead to the next batch of collectible characters. There’s no word exactly on what that will be, but the latest LEGO retail catalogue reckons ‘you’ll be surprised’.

That wording suggests this isn’t just a sequel to an existing series, such as a third Disney or Harry Potter assortment, but something brand new altogether. Could a new minifigure franchise be on the cards? We’ll have to wait until May to find out for sure, but our imagination is already running wild.

LEGO CMFs 2021 catalogue 1

The current list of LEGO licence partners opens up plenty of opportunities, for example, with dozens of Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal franchises currently untapped by the Collectible Minifigures. But it could also revolve around any number of brand new licences – or even a new in-house theme.

2021’s Collectible Minifigures series have dropped down from 16 to 12 characters, starting with 71029 Series 21. That means they’ll now come in boxes of 36 rather than 60, with three complete sets per case. You can check out the full list of characters included in Series 21 here.

The New Zealand catalogue has also revealed brand new Creator 3-in-1FriendsNINJAGOMinecraftDOTS, CITY and Technic sets for 2021.

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