LEGO The Incredibles video game available now in the UK

Today sees the release of LEGO The Incredibles in the UK, the latest video game from TT Games.

Giving gamers the chance to play through both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, LEGO The Incredibles includes the usual features of the brick based titles as players take the Parr family through a series of action packed levels.

The game is available to buy now from Amazon, with a special edition featuring the exclusive Edna Mode minifigure.

LEGO Incredibles PS4

Here is the official run-down of the game’s features:

Two Incredible films, One Incredible game
Players can experience the thrilling adventures of the super hero Parr family in new ways as they delve into favourite moments from The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 movies in a LEGO world full of fun and surprises.

Family Teamwork for the Win
Players must work together and combine the Parr family’s iconic abilities and unique powers to build amazing, massive LEGO structures. With Mr. Incredible’s unparalleled super strength, Elastigirl’s flexible transformations and the rest of the gang’s awe-inspiring gifts, teamwork has never been so much fun.

City District Based Crime Waves
To rid the city of crime, players can complete action-packed side missions and defeat iconic Super Villains that control the city districts in an open-hub world, including Municiberg, that provides an exciting free-play experience.

Character Customisation with a Twist
Players can modify their character’s appearance and abilities using a customiser themed to Edna E Mode, the diminutive, but bombastic fashion designer of super hero outfits.

Four LEGO sets based on the film are available now:

[geot exclude_country=”United States”]41613 Mr. Incredible & Frozone
10759 Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit
10760 Underminer Bank Heist
10761 The Great Home Escape[/geot][geot country=”United States”]

41613 Mr. Incredible & Frozone
10759 Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit
10760 Underminer Bank Heist
10761 The Great Home Escape[/geot]

Incredibles 2 is showing in cinemas now. The LEGO sets based on the film are available now from [geot exclude_country=”United States”][/geot][geot country=”United States”][/geot].


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