LEGO Tips for Kids: Space Review

Author: Joachim Klang Publisher: Heel RRP: €9.99

Heel publish a number of titles for the LEGO hobbyist, with LEGO Tips for Kids: Space serving as a slim introduction to the catalogue, compared to some of the weightier tomes available. It is available in an English language edition as well as German.

The book is full of build instructions themed around space, many from popular films and TV shows. The notion that this is solely for kids must be dispelled – although the models have clearly been selected so that a builder of any age can tackle them, this book is full of neat little micro builds that will be pleasing to any LEGO fan. As for the subject matter, the Starship Enterprise and Viper are more familiar to those of a certain age.

The layout of the instructions is delightful, varying throughout the book. They are still presented clearly, builders should have no trouble identifying parts. A handy guide to which pieces each build uses is provided. As well as the aforementioned spaceships, there is a lovely Han Solo and blaster to be built, the largest model in the book.

This book is easily recommended to anyone with an interest in space-based LEGO building, and is a great reminder (as if one were needed) of the possibilities of micro building.

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