LEGO trading cards are returning to Sainsbury’s

Once again, Sainsbury’s is going to be offering supermarket customers LEGO trading cards to collect.

After plenty of buzz was created around last year’s Create the World trading cards at Sainsbury’s, it seems that the promotion will be returning. The retailer has Tweeted an image of two minifigures discussing the return of the collectible cards.

LEGO trading cards

Last year, there was an exclusive tie-in set to buy, 40256 Create the World, and 140 trading cards to collect. A £10 spend was required to get a pack of four cards, and a £5 spend to get a pack of four. Packs of four cards could also be purchased for 50p.

Plenty of buzz surrounded the cards online, as children sought to collect a full set of cards. It is unlikely that there was as much of a pull factor for adult fans, but no doubt a few will be tempted once again by the LEGO logo.


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