LEGO Unikitty! 5005239 Castle Room review

There may be cardboard and stickers in with the LEGO bricks, but does that stop 5005239 Unikitty Castle Room from being worth acquiring?

Price: Free with qualifying purchases Available: Now

At, anyone spending £20 or more on LEGO Unikitty! sets will get 5005239 Unikitty Castle Room for free. This little set comes in a packet, includes a carboard pop up element, a sheet of stickers and a bunch of LEGO bricks. This unorthodox LEGO set will not be for everyone, but should anyone choose to add it to the collection?

Whether to get this set or not boils down to whether a fan has bought into the LEGO Unikitty! theme. As a whole, the theme is whimsical, silly and colourful. As it is targeted at a young audience, some of the building techniques are a little pared down and less sophisticated than in other sets. Many fans can overlook the relatively simple sets in favour to the positive qualities the theme possesses, actively enjoying the imaginative nature of the Unikitty! world.

Anyone who is enjoying this theme can get the set for free, so will probably find themselves doing just that. And it is worth having as a bonus item – two simple builds are included, a sofa and a tank for Unikitty’s pet crab. The star of the show herself is the highlight of the set though, as the laughing face Unikitty is only available in 5005239 Unikitty Castle Room. It is one of many variants of this character, and thanks to the current promotion not the most difficult to get at all.

The pop up cardboard Unikitty house is silly and fun, with the character’s house matching the shape of her head. Sparkly stickers are included for young fans to decorate it with, with space included for the set’s little builds.

Ultimately, it is hard to say no to a free LEGO set – this is not the best, but it is not the worst either. In LEGO Star Wars minifigure polybags, it is just a minifigure. This offers a unique Unikitty variant, some small builds along with extras that fans might not care for.

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