Huge LEGO VIP discounts on 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 10302 Optimus Prime extended

The LEGO Group has extended its bumper VIP savings on 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 10302 Optimus Prime, with up to £25 / €30 off new LEGO ICONS sets.

While you’ll usually need a minimum of 4,000 / 4,500 VIP points to redeem £25 / €30 in discount vouchers online or in-store, these limited-time offers allow you to claim significant discounts for only 100 points each. That’s a remarkable saving on sets that have only recently hit shelves, including the flagship 90th-anniversary model 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle.

The offer also extends to the latest MINDSTORMS set, 51515 Robot Inventor, rounding out a trio of tempting discounts on sets rarely seen outside This is far and away the best deal yet on 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle, for instance, which only landed on shelves on August 1, and is so far only available through for £344.99 / €399.99.


You’ll still earn VIP points on the remainder of the balance, too, which you can then spend on more LEGO in the same never-ending cycle we’re all currently trapped in. (There are worse places to be trapped, to be fair.) Here’s a complete breakdown of the sets in this offer:

Set nameRRPSale priceVIP points costDiscount
10302 Optimus Prime£159.99 / €179.99£139.99 / €149.99100£20 / €20
10305 Lion Knights’ Castle£344.99 / €399.99£319.99 / €369.99100£25 / €30
51515 Robot Inventor£314.99 / €359.99£289.99 / €329.99100£25 / €30

Once you’ve spent your VIP points on any (or all!) of the discount codes, you’ll have until September 30 to use them. These codes will only be available for two more days at the time of writing, but the LEGO Group has already extended this offer once. No guarantees it’ll happen again, though…

If you’re not yet signed up to the LEGO VIP program, check out our full breakdown of the loyalty scheme (which is free to join!) by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Huge LEGO VIP discounts on 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle and 10302 Optimus Prime extended

  • 28/09/2022 at 08:26

    Not quite HUGE savings. pretty small saving if you ask me. But yes it’s a saving.

  • 26/09/2022 at 17:53

    How do one use the offer. I can’t see it anywhere on there webshop?


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