LEGO VIP points – everything you need to know

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If you’re a diehard LEGO fan – or rediscovering an old hobby – the LEGO Group’s VIP program might be just what you’re looking for. It’s an excellent way to save money on LEGO sets, or unlock various awards available only to LEGO fans.

However, you might not know how the VIP program works… or you’re reluctant to sign up to something without understanding it properly. That’s why we’ve produced this guide to answer all your questions.

What is the LEGO VIP program?

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The LEGO VIP program is a loyalty scheme targeted at LEGO fans making repeat purchases – either for themselves, for friends or for family members. Signing up to the program allows you to collect points when you perform certain actions. Buying LEGO products is the most obvious, but you can also receive them for completing surveys and other online activities. By collecting enough of these points, you can unlock a range of rewards through

How much does the LEGO VIP program cost?

The LEGO VIP program is free to join, and costs nothing to participate in. However, you must be 18 or over to become a member.

How do I join the LEGO VIP program?

You can join the program in three different ways: online, within a LEGO Store or over the phone. You can join online by visiting, or in a LEGO Store by speaking to a member of staff. If you prefer to do this over the phone, you can find the relevant number on your country’s LEGO Customer service page.

Each sign-up method produces the same result: an email sent to your preferred email address, receipt of some kind of VIP card, and access to the VIP menu on

How do I earn LEGO VIP points?

To earn points online, simply place orders on while signed in to your VIP account. To earn points in a LEGO Store, present your VIP card at the start of the transaction and have a staff member scan it, or simply provide the email address tied to your account.

Is LEGO VIP the same as LEGO ID?

No: the two are separate, but connected. If you want to buy something from, you create an account (i.e. a LEGO ID) to save payment details, order details and track your deliveries. You then join the VIP programme using a LEGO ID. You can have a LEGO ID without a LEGO VIP membership, but not the other way around.

Do I get a physical VIP card?

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Yes: when signing up for the LEGO VIP program, you’ll receive a card with your details on it. Present this card in a LEGO Store to add or redeem points from your purchases.

You can also access a digital VIP card once you’ve signed up for the program. This sits in your smartphone’s digital wallet, and features a scannable barcode for use in official LEGO stores. It also shows how many VIP points you have to redeem, giving it a slight advantage over the physical version.

To get a digital VIP card go to on your smartphone, tap on the yellow minifigure head at the top of the homepage, and then tap My VIP Account. You’ll see an option to get a digital VIP card; tapping this link will direct you to an external site, and add the card to your wallet.

If you or a friend have a physical card from the early days of the LEGO VIP program, this should still be usable in a LEGO store.

How many VIP points will I earn from a LEGO purchase?

The amount of VIP points you receive when buying LEGO fluctuates a little from region to region. This in turn means that the rewards you can redeem cost slightly different amounts. The table below shows how many points you can expect to earn for different spends in different parts of the world.

The LEGO VIP programme typically rounds up to the nearest pound, dollar or euro when awarding points. For example, 60282 Fire Command Unit costs £54.99 in the UK. 8 x 55 = 440, so if you bought this set from you’d earn 440 points.

You can check on your current VIP points balance by examining your digital rewards card. You can also see it by visiting the Account Overview page on when you’re signed in to your account.

Amount spentUK VIP Points earnedUS VIP Points earnedEU VIP Points earnedVIP reward value
£1 / $1 / €186.57.55p
£10 / $10 / €1080657550p
£25 / $25 /€25200162.5187.5£1.25
£50 / $50 / €50400325375£2.50
£75 / $75 / €75600487.5562.5£3.75
£100 / $100 / €100800650750£5*
£150 / $150 / €15012009751125£7.50
£200 / $200 / €200160013001500£10
£250 / $250 / €250200016251875£12.50
£300 / $300 / €300240019502250£15
£350 / $350 / €350280022752625£17.50
£400 / $400 / €400320026003000£20*
£450 / $450 / €450360029253375£22.50
£500 / $500 / €500400032503750£25
£550 / $550 / €550440035754125£27.50
£600 / $600 / €600480039004500£30
£650 / $650 / €650520042254875£32.50
£700 / 700 / €700560045505250£35
£1000 / $1000 / €1000800065007500£50*
£2000 / $2000 / €2000160001300015000£100*

*redeemable discount amount at VIP Rewards Centre.

Will I get my VIP points right away?

If you buy something directly from a LEGO Store, you’ll get the VIP points immediately. However, orders from work a bit differently. You won’t get the points in your account until after your order has shipped, and even then there may be a slight delay.

How much are LEGO VIP points worth?

The exact monetary value of VIP points fluctuates a little depending on where you’re redeeming them, and what you’re redeeming with them. However, this fluctuation tends to occur when you’re redeeming physical rewards rather than discounts.

Within the UK, one VIP point is technically worth 0.625p (since, assuming you redeem them for a monetary discount, you need 800 to meet the minimum £5 threshold). Similarly, one VIP point within the US is worth approximately 0.769c. However, it’s important to remember that VIP points cannot be redeemed for cash directly.

Does the LEGO Group ever offer additional VIP points?

New LEGO releases will often be accompanied by a limited double VIP points promotion. Buying one of these sets within a certain window will net you double the amount of points you’d usually get. There are typically a couple of different sets from different themes offering this bonus; the current ones can be seen on the Offers page on

LEGO VIP members can also receive extra VIP points during special promotional events. There is normally a window of a few days to do so, although more popular items may sell out before or during these periods.

One of the more common promotions is double VIP points events. During these events, LEGO VIP members receive double the amount of VIP points than usual. For example, instead of earning 440 points on 60282 Fire Command Unit you’d earn 880 points instead.

During these double VIP points events, the bonus applies on all purchases from or LEGO Stores. These events take place three to four times a year, typically around February/March, June/July and October/November. However, there’s always an element of unpredictability around exactly when they’ll take place. 

The LEGO Group also runs a VIP Weekend event in the run-up to Black Friday. In addition to double VIP points, LEGO VIP members can often score exclusive items in this period, as well as discounts on VIP rewards.

Elsewhere, LEGO Star Wars fans can look forward to each year’s May the Fourth event. These run every year in the run up to Star Wars Day, and offer double VIP points on all LEGO Star Wars purchases. Exclusive models can also be earned for Star Wars purchases above a certain threshold, and some promotional items are sometimes available in LEGO Stores as well.  

What can I get with LEGO VIP points?

The VIP Rewards Centre on contains all available VIP rewards. The most obvious benefit of the program is discounts on future purchases: points can be used to redeem discount codes of varying value. Discount codes worth 5, 20, 50 and 100 of your region’s currency are currently available, although their cost will be different from region to region. Different countries within the EU may charge different amounts for VIP rewards: we’ve listed the costs for Germany in the below table.

VIP DiscountUK VIP Points CostUS VIP Points CostDE VIP Points Cost
£5 / $5 / €5 800650750
£20 / $20 / €20320026003000
£50 / $50 / €50800065007500
£100 / $100 / €100160001300015000

Keep in mind you don’t save points by buying higher-value codes. As this table demonstrates a £20 discount code costs the same amount of points as four £5 discount codes, for example.

You can buy several discount codes at once if you have the points for them; you don’t need to wait to hit a higher milestone before doing so. For instance, if you had 2,400 VIP points in the UK, you could buy three £5 discount codes at once and use them all on a single order.

In August 2022, The LEGO Group made some changes to the way its VIP discounts work. When you redeem discount codes from the LEGO VIP Rewards centre, each code can now be used either in a LEGO brand store or on Before, you had to decide which one you preferred, as – for instance – a discount code couldn’t be used in a LEGO brand store.

If you do happen to shop in a LEGO brand store, you can redeem your VIP points for a discount without having to get a voucher beforehand. Moreover, you are no longer restricted to multiples of five. You can redeem any quantity of VIP points to the nearest whole number – provided you have the points to spend, of course.

If you still wish to redeem a VIP code, remember that it is only good for 60 days. As such, we recommend you avoid redeeming points for a code until you know exactly when and where you’re going to use it.

LEGO VIP Rewards activity packs OK Play subscription

Several other rewards can be acquired through the LEGO VIP program, although not all of them cost points to get. Alternative building instructions (for sets in the LEGO Art range, for example) can be acquired for free and downloaded at your leisure. You can also download printable resources like colouring pages and activity packs for a small points charge.

You can even redeem VIP points for physical rewards. Recent examples include promotional art prints and collectible coins inspired by various LEGO sets. Conventional LEGO sets are also available through the VIP program, but these are generally rare.

Keep in mind that you can’t get physical VIP rewards by themselves. Redeeming points for a physical reward gives you a code, which (when entered during a LEGO order’s checkout process) adds the item to your order. If the order in question is under £50, you will also need to pay a delivery charge.

Will my LEGO VIP points expire?

Eventually, yes – but only after a long period of inactivity. If you don’t buy any LEGO (either online or in a LEGO Store) for 18 months, any VIP points you have will be removed from your account. The LEGO Group should email you three months before this takes place. Buying LEGO or redeeming points for a VIP reward will restart the timer again.

As such, the LEGO VIP program is best suited for LEGO fans making multiple purchases over a prolonged period of time. If you think you’ll only be buying LEGO sporadically or as a one-off, you may not benefit from signing up for it.

What do LEGO VIP points do?

LEGO VIP points allow you to save money on LEGO purchases in the long term, or acquire exclusive LEGO-themed products.

How do I get LEGO VIP points?

Simply make a LEGO ID and sign up to the LEGO VIP program with it. You’ll automatically earn points when buying online from, or when you present your VIP card during purchases in an official LEGO Store.

How do I use LEGO VIP points?

Click or tap the blue crown at the top of the homepage. From here you can redeem points for rewards like order discounts, exclusive products or downloadable resources. If you’re shopping in a physical, official LEGO store, you can also redeem VIP points directly to the nearest whole unit of currency.

Can I earn VIP points outside of official LEGO Stores?

No: only purchases from or official LEGO Stores will earn you VIP points. However, if a non-LEGO retailer has significantly discounted a product, it often makes sense to buy it from there instead.

Does the LEGO Group ever give away more VIP points?

Yes: sometimes, the LEGO Group will run events where LEGO orders receive more VIP points than usual. Typically, all LEGO products earn double VIP points during these promos; at other times, only certain LEGO products receive this bonus.

How do I know what I can earn double VIP points on?

The Offers link on the home page contains all active promotions, including specific sets you can earn double VIP points on. There’s usually at least two LEGO products offering double VIP points.

When is the next LEGO double VIP points event?

While double VIP points events take place several times a year, their specific dates aren’t usually telegraphed in advance. However, we at Brick Fanatics will let you know as soon as a new one launches.

Do LEGO VIP points expire?

Yes, if you don’t buy any LEGO from or an official LEGO Store within 18 months. Buying something there or redeeming points for a VIP reward will reset the timer.

How much are LEGO VIP points worth?

LEGO VIP points have a maximum value of 1.2p. However, they cannot be exchanged for cash – only discounts on future LEGO purchases and/or exclusive rewards.

Is the LEGO VIP program available everywhere?

The LEGO VIP program may not be available in your country at this time. If you’re unsure, speak to your country’s LEGO Customer Service or a member of staff in a local LEGO Store.

Do I have to use the same email address for both my LEGO ID and LEGO VIP account?

Yes: enter the same email address for both to ensure you earn LEGO VIP points on your order.

Can I give LEGO VIP points to somebody else?

You can’t transfer VIP points from one account to another, but you can give a code you’ve redeemed to someone else if you like.

Can I earn VIP points at LEGOLAND?

Unfortunately, you cannot earn VIP points on purchases at LEGOLAND amusement parks at this time.

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