LEGO Wall•E neck fix kit details

Brickset have posted more details regarding how to go about obtaining the parts required to fix the Wall•E’s neck. One of their users Creapie passed on the following information:

“After reading one of the new items here about LEGO fixing the Wall•E neck problem a few weeks ago, and the many comments about people calling or writing to TLG without a firm response, I have decided to call TLG customer service myself in Germany to ask about it. As many others had mentioned, they took down my address and said that they will send me the parts for the fix once they confirmed the problems, etc. On December 3rd, I received an email from customer service confirming that the designer did have a fix now and they are sending out the parts with instructions for free for those interested in trying it out. The shipping confirmation came today.

“I therefore encourage everyone who wants to have their 1st wave Wall•E neck fixed to simply call customer service to ask for it. Part number: 6162839, Rework bag, 21303.”

Here are some photos of the instructions booklet. Have you managed to sort your Wall•E out or like me have you held back and awaiting to get a set with the fix already sorted?


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