LEGO WALL•E with Power Functions

As I mentioned earlier today we had two WALL•E articles, I would have posted sooner but we have been bombared with Star Wars news. So we now know how to fix the head issue thanks to Chris McVeigh. However what we need is WALL•E to move, step forward Youtuber PPUNG DADDY(???).

He has got aa lot of videos on his channel showing different LEGO sets with Power Functions. To make your own Power functioned WALL•E you will need 16 elements to implement the conversion (these are listed below). When you watch the video you can see how he has added the functions using the space trash compactor to make sure he loses none of his features. Here is parts list followed by the video:

  • 1x Power Functions AAA dattery element No : 88000
  • 2x Power Functions M-Motor element  No : 8883
  • 1x  Power Functions IR receiver element No : 8884
  • 1x Power Functions IR remote control element No.: 8879
  • 2x brick 1 x 2 yellow element No: 300424
  • 4x plate 1 × 1 dark bluish gray element No: 4210719
  • 2x connector peg W. friction black  element No: 4121715
  • 2x connector peg W. knob blue element No: 4143005
  • 2x  cross axle 4m black element No: 370 526


Video found via promobricks


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