LEGO wheelchair helps disabled kitten

A stray kitten has been given a second chance thanks to an inventive use for LEGO bricks.

When a farmer in New Brunswick, Canada, discovered a stray kitten, the cat, now named Champ, was rescued by Cat Rescue Maritimes. The group’s Terry Peck told Global News that when she took the kitten in, she expected it to have to be put down.

Peck fell for the kitten and did not like the idea of Champ being put down, but with two broken hind legs, the cat’s mobility was limited. To rectify that to some extent, Peck put together a wheelchair using LEGO bricks, which has allowed the feline to get around using just his front legs. A red sock that has been fashioned into a little jumper prevents the wheelchair from chafing against Champ’s body.

Cat Rescue Maritimes is raising money for a more suitable wheelchair that will be adjustable as he grows bigger. The story is reminiscent of the work of Dr Carsten Plischke, who helps disabled tortoises by building LEGO mobility aids for them.

LEGO cat wheelchair


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