LEGO wheelchair helps hedgehog to get around

A life affirming video snippet sees a hedgehog with weak legs aided by a LEGO brick built wheelchair.

chappi_momma constructed a wheelchair from LEGO pieces to allow the weakened hedgehog to walk.

Nerdist shared the Instagram post, that sees the hedgehog suffering from Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome walking with the aid of a LEGO wheelchair.

chappi_momma shared the background behind building the wheelchair:

We could see that she could move her little feet, so i decided to try making a wheelchair. At the beginning i had no idea how to build one, but then we discovered that @lego actually a very cheap and useful option.

It is not the first time that LEGO bricks have aided mobility impaired animals, as Blocks magazine Issue 8 memorably covered Dr Carsten Plischke’s adorable solution for a troubled tortoise.


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