LEGO World 2018 taking place in Copenhagen

LEGO World, an official four day event held by the LEGO Group, is currently taking place in Copenhagen.

Thanks to a marketing effort that might generously be described as ‘subdued’, LEGO World quietly kicked off in Copenhagen, Denmark yesterday. The event takes place at the Bella Center, and is billed as ‘the world’s funniest construction site’. Entry for a single day costs 164 DKK.

Beyond that, details are scarce – the official LEGO World website reveals nothing about the event’s content, nor does the Bella Center website. Previous years have seen giant builds, brick pits, Mindstorms, costumed characters and plenty of family friendly hands-on activities

If any readers have attended so far, or are planning to, please e-mail [email protected] with any information about what the LEGO World 2018 event entails.


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