LEGO World Builder has acquired its very first world

LEGO World builder has just acquired its first project, meaning a brand new theme might be on the way.

LEGO World Builder is a new platform developed by the LEGO Group that allows fans to share plans and projects While that might sound similar to LEGO Ideas, this platform is for potential themes rather than single sets, and there’s no voting on these projects.

For a project to be picked up the LEGO Group, users simply need to upload their world and expand it to their heart’s desire. Some incredibly impressive worlds have come out of this platform, including the first to be picked up – Holiday Heroes.

LEGO World Builder holiday heroes acquired

Holiday Heroes was pitched by Eddy Beals, a Canadian AFOL. Just weeks after it was published on the platform, the world was selected for potential development and it seems Eddy impressed the judges as Holiday Heroes is now in development at the LEGO Group. 

Details on this world are scarce, and the original page for the project has been closed, meaning whatever details were there before cannot be seen anymore. What is known is that the project is themed to exploring different cultures and holidays with the Leprechaun minifigure seemingly returning. 

LEGO Worldbuilder still has plenty of other projects to choose from and after over a year since its launch, it will be interesting to see how many more are selected for development in 2021. There is no set release date for Holiday Heroes currently. 

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