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Group first collaborated on a pair of A-ZX Series trainers in mid-2020, before announcing plans for a multi-year partnership. The first range to come out of that collaboration arrived on Adidas’s online store in December, consisting mostly of kids’ activewear.

That same selection has now appeared for sale through

, giving you the chance to rack up VIP points while kitting out your LEGO wardrobe. At the moment, the LEGO x Adidas collection is only available through the official US online store – but given there’s an equivalent splash page for the range on the UK and European stores, it’s presumably just a matter of time before it expands to other countries.

The initial wave of LEGO x Adidas products includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, hats, rucksacks and trainers. They’re all very colourful, but the LEGO association is otherwise fairly subtle – or more so than the Levi’s brick patches, anyway.

The original press release teased products for both adults and children, so we’ll likely see some more adult-focused gear in future. And if you can’t wait for the current range to arrive on, you can grab it from Adidas’s UK site here.

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