LEGOLAND Florida Resort introduces Knight Lights

Knight Lights are coming to the LEGOLAND Florida Resort, a new nightly event that will be launched in July. The new medieval themed festival provides nightly entertainment activities until 9pm, all included in the regular admission price.

Attractions magazine lists the various aspects of Knight Lights:

  • A live stage show with DJ Mia and the Lego Friends in Heartlake City
  • A live show with Lego Kingdoms’ resider jester as he attempts to train the newest jester onstage across from Castle Burger
  • A dance party in Miniland USA with Sir Dance-A-Lot, complete with kid-friendly hits
  • Meet-and-greet opportunities with Lego characters, like Lance Richmond of Lego Next Knights, The Good Knight and Lego Jester
  • A scavenger hunt for knights’ shields through Miniland USA
  • Lego brick toss challenge in Duplo Valley
  • Unique Lego build opportunities, and a chance to help contribute to a large Lego mosaic in Pirates’ Cove

A special fireworks will take place on July 4 to celebrate Independence Day.


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