LEGO Model Maker encourages you to have hobbies outside of bricks

A Model Maker working at LEGOLAND Windsor has revealed a surprising tip for would-be future LEGO employees.

Paula Laughton shared some insights in an interview with Metro about what it’s like to work at LEGOLAND Windsor, including what the resort looks for when hiring new people to join the time. Surprisingly enough, they’re not always looking for huge LEGO fans.

“I know this may sound silly but we tend not to go for people whose CVs say, ‘I just love LEGO’,” said Paula. “We go for people who have a broad knowledge of art, design and model making but not necessarily LEGO. We’re looking for practical skills — how to use a drill for instance. You have to be patient and you’ve got to have a bit of fun.”

Later on in the interview, Paula also emphasised that having interests outside of LEGO can enhance your building skills.

“A good starting point is a hobby,” explained Paula. “So if you like a football team or a dancer you can transfer that into LEGO. You can make something like a football shirt or a ballerina. That can trigger creativity. We always say start off small then build up to what you’re really interested in.”

There you have it: to be a pro LEGO builder, you need to fan your other interests at the same time. Still, we think we’ll pretty much always come back to building bricks in the end.

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