LEGOLAND New York finishes construction on new entrance archway

The newest LEGOLAND resort has finished construction on the iconic entrance archway as the New York site nears completion.

LEGOLAND New York is the latest in the LEGO Group’s range of theme park locations. The resort was originally planned to open last year but was hit with inevitable delays related to the ongoing pandemic. Now the resort is due to finally open in 2021, and a new timelapse video might help to convince fans.

The video was posted to various LEGOLAND New York social media channels including Twitter, and showcases the lengthy construction of the iconic entrance archway that guests to the park will travel under. Unlike other LEGOLAND resorts, this new era of the parks will feature more than just bricks on the entrance, with specific themes and areas represented.

At the top left, Lloyd from NINJAGO can be seen sitting above Emma from LEGO friends, with a temple and forest build accompanying them accordingly. On the right, a castle tower sits atop a fire station with a vehicle parked halfway out the garage. At the very bottom, a pirate can be seen doing a spot of fishing. Each of these is representative of a themed area in the resort.

The new resort, which is due to open this year will feature more than 50 attractions including the never-before-seen LEGO factory ride that will utilise new technology for the LEGOLAND parks. Towards the end of last year, a large construction update on the park took place giving more insight into the scope and scale of the project.

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