LEGOLAND Windsor accused of selling unhealthy food to kids

A team of researchers has named LEGOLAND “Deep Fried Crap Land” after examining the park’s menu options for kids.

Healthy eating charity The Soil Association sent a team of “secret diner” parents to 22 different attractions around the UK, ranking them based on the nutritional value of their food and drink. LEGOLAND came second-last.

Across all the attractions, the healthier options were usually offered to adults, but not kids. Campaign manager Rob Percival told Sky News: “It’s unacceptable that popular attractions are denying children healthy choices. The attractions at the top of the league table are showing that healthy and high-quality food can be fun and affordable. The attractions at the bottom are not giving families the opportunity to enjoy a balanced meal.

“Some of the food on offer is simply junk. LEGOLAND should be renamed ‘Deep Fried Crap Land’.”

LEGOLAND does serve vegetables – but only to adults. Kids’ “all-inclusive” tickets, meanwhile, include fried chicken, burgers, chips and unlimited fizzy drinks – except for full fat coke, which was removed from the dispensers earlier this year. That move was possibly following in the footsteps of Thorpe Park, which made the same decision in the face of the UK’s so-called “sugar tax”, or Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

Nevertheless, LEGOLAND is now taking actions to prevent Percival’s moniker from catching on. A spokesperson for the park told Sky News: “We recognise the importance of offering healthy eating options, along with the fun treats that you would expect to enjoy during a visit to a theme park.

“We are committed to providing healthy options for our guests and when we reopen for our 2019 season, we will be enhancing our children’s meals with a vegetable or salad option in each restaurant.”

Chris Wharfe

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