LEGOLAND Windsor Resort opens Haunted House Monster Party today

Today sees the latets attraction open at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, with the Haunted House Monster Party welcoming the first revellers.

Things will get spooky at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort with the opening of The Haunted House Monster Party. The new attraction will see Lord Vampyre invite guests to a monstrous party, where they will be greeted by “joke-telling LEGO gargoyles and talking statues, LEGO bunting, banners and balloons”. Vampyre will unveil his magic party trick, bring the banquet to life and turn the room upside down.

Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely, of dance troupe Diversity, visited the Haunted House Monster Party attraction a few days ago and performed some tricks of their own – they have stayed tight lipped about the ride itself though.

Brick Fanatics will be there, so stay tuned for a report from the grand opening.

LEGOLAND Haunted House Monster Party Diversity 15

The Haunted House Monster Party opening comes hot on the heels of the LEGO Group announcing Hidden Side, a new theme with a paranormal story line that will launch on August 1.

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort tickets and hotel stays can be booked at the official website.

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