Leica LEGO camera goes viral

A LEGO build of the Leica M camera has taken the internet by storm, and is available to buy.

Leica Store Miami is taking pre-orders on a LEGO replica model of the Leica M camera. It is not functional, but it certainly looks the part, matching the stylish real life camera. It is not an official set, but pieces to build the attractive model, originally designed by fan builder Chris McVeigh. It is priced at $45.00.

Instructions have to be found online as they are not included, but given how quickly this has spread, the pre-orders will probably not last long. Once assembled, the LEGO Leica M cameras measures 7.6 x 5 x 3.2cm and weigh 57g, making for a neat and accurate little build.

LEGO Leica

Last year, Milan Madge impressed the online world when he constructed an oversized Leica III camera. “Cameras are a pretty interesting thing to build in LEGO,” he said at the time. “They are mainly lots of concentric circles, and LEGO bricks are anything but that. So it’s a great challenge, there’s a fair bit of maths involved.”

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