Life size LEGO Flash heading to San Diego Comic Con

As part of this year’s San Diego Comic Con display, LEGO model builders have constructed a life-sized Flash.

Master Model Builder Mark Roe worked on the Justice League inspired build at the LEGO base in Enfield. Mashable has provided a look behind the scenes at the process.

The design process begins with computer animation. The studio gives designers like Roe access to 360-degree scans of the actor dressed in his or her costume— this time of Justice League’s Ezra Miller dressed in full Flash gear. Then Roe uses Autodesk Maya — a 3D computer graphics software — to arrange the model, limb by limb, into poses that might translate in real life.

Then it’s time for the LEGO design process to kick in.


After DC selects a pose, Roe moves the 3D model into Lego’s proprietary brick-building software. With just a few clicks, the program generates a rough mock-up of the model in brick form.

He’ll sometimes hand-sketch a portrait on paper to get a better sense of the model’s facial features. While designing the Flash, he dug into the model shop’s brick stash in order to build a mock-up of the superhero’s face and mask. It took Roe 60 hours in total to fine-tune this year’s design.

The model shop designers offer DC Comics three pose options, and the studio has final say on which design moves forward. Though Roe was partial to pose two, DC went with pose one.

The model is of course glued, so that it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with Comic Con crowds. Fans can see the Flash build at San Diego Comic Con from July 20 to July 23.



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