Life-size LEGO Thor on display at San Diego Comic Con

A life-sized statue of Marvel’s Thor will part of the LEGO display at San Diego Comic Con.

With the character taking his latest turn this November to lead a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie with Thor: Ragnarok, the Enfield Model Making team have constructed the most mythic of the Avengers in LEGO Brick form.

Entertainment Weekly and the LEGO Group revealed the San Diego Comic Con statue.

The pop culture website highlighted Thor’s new look for the movie and some stats about the build.

Later this week in San Diego, LEGO will debut a massive model Thor inspired by the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, complete with the character’s (Chris Hemsworth) updated short hair and the swords he uses in the new film in place of his iconic hammer.

The model stands at 7 feet tall and is made up of 33,495 LEGO bricks; it took LEGO Master Builders 290 hours to build. You can check it out in the time-lapse video below.

76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash is the sole LEGO Marvel Super Heroes set based on Thor: Ragnarok, available now.

Thor will be joining a LEGO model of the Flash at San Diego Comic Con, where several comic book inspired exclusives will be on sale.




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