Life-sized LEGO suffragette model at New Walk Museum in Leicester

From today, a LEGO brick suffragette model will be displayed at New Walk Museum in Leicester, UK.

To mark 100 years of women’s suffrage, Parliament commissioned a LEGO brick model of a suffragette. Now, the model is on display at the New Walk Museum in Leicester for the public to see. The model was named Hope, and will be on display until February 28.

Hope is at the museum to coincide with an exhibition about Alice Hawkins and the suffragette movement. The build uses 35,000 piece and weighs 94.5kg, representing a suffragette with an iconic “Votes for women” sash.

“It took around 14,000 bricks just to make the suffragette’s dark grey outfit, with 12 different colours of bricks used in total,” said Deputy City Mayor Coun Piara Singh Clair to Leicestershire Live. “The work that’s gone in to creating the model out of LEGO is quite extraordinary, and I’m sure people will enjoy seeing the detail close-up when they visit the museum.”

Suffragette Hope LEGO model

On Wednesday, February 20, there will be the opportunity to build a LEGO suffragette, or anything else that visitors desire, from 11.30am until 3.00pm.

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