Martin Luther King Jr Custom Minifigure review

We continue our reviews of the latest custom minifigures from the team at Today we look at Martin Luther King Jr who was released to support black history month, this minifigure is priced at £9.95 and you can order him today.

Official Description

Baptist Minister, Humanitarian, civil rights activist, husband, father and idolized by many young Americans; Martin Luther King Jr. achieved so much in what was a life sadly cut short. We’re honoring his memory by immortalizing him as a Minifigure for today’s Generation.




Now I won’t try and assume I know much about black history month cause I don’t, but I do know Martin Luther King Jr is an iconic figure and is ingrained in American history. have done their best to give the best possible LEGO representation of him. The minifigure comes in their standard quality blister pack, complete with card insert with graphic render and product blurb on the rear.


I find and without trying to cause a riot, printing on dark elements is a lot harder, in this case have managed to do a good job of giving Martin his trademark mustache and facial features. With him wearing a black suit printing is limited to just his torso but their use of white print makes the suit jacket really pop and the detail on black is on par with what LEGO have managed in the past in the CMF range.


The torso is the highlight of the minifigure and one I will use in my own modular city in the Town Hall, sorry Luther! But I have to tip my hat to the team at to do a decent minifigure with such a difficult famous person to create in LEGO.

If you want to add him to your own collection, visit today.


King 1


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