Marvel asked LEGO to make a huge change to 76178 Daily Bugle

It turns out that Marvel asked the LEGO Group to make a massive change to 76178 Daily Bugle not long before release, with the original proposal truer to the comics.

Mark Stafford, senior LEGO designer and part of the team that worked on the biggest LEGO Marvel set so far, 76178 Daily Bugle, recently took part in an Q&A on the LEGO subreddit, with many builders posing their questions to the LEGO professional.

Mark Stafford explained a number of the design decisions for 76178 Daily Bugle, including why the building is a neutral grey, that there was at one point a list of 60 included minifigures, and the real reason why it can connect to modular buildings.

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle 5

“Until the last possible moment the ‘Daily Bugle’ text on the top of this was yellow. I felt it was more true to the classic comics and nicely balanced the taxi at street level,” explains Mark Stafford. “However Marvel requested it be red. It still looks good with the fire escape leading the eye up to the sign, so I’m happy with it.”

A bold yellow sign just above the bright red fire escape would have certainly drawn the eye to the top of the building, but the red inarguably provides a more uniform look to 76178 Daily Bugle. Marvel’s reasons behind the requested change are unknown, but it might be that they preferred it to be in line with other interpretations of the newspaper across their various media – which almost always uses a red colour scheme.

76178 Daily Bugle will release May 26 for VIPs and June 1 for everyone else and while you wait for J. Jonah Jameson’s minifigure to hound you for pictures of Spider-Man, why not wonder which characters also deserved a spot amongst the minifigure cast.

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