New footage of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight introduces the characters

A new featurette for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight has been revealed, including fresh footage from the series that teases its mythical elements.

As the release date for the latest show based in the Marvel Cinematic Universes approaches, fresh footage of Moon Knight has been showcased in a featurette, as the main characters are explored.

Streaming from March 30, Moon Knight will centre around Oscar Isaac portraying both Steven Grant and Marc Spector, two identities who share the same body thanks to their dissociative identity disorder, which the actor mentions in the featurette is being taken ‘incredibly seriously’.

It’s not unusual for movies and other media to receive new trailers and marketing material as they near their release date, though those waiting for Moon Knight might be especially interested to read that the featurette includes new footage of Khonshu and other mythical aspects of the show.

While no LEGO sets or minifigures based on the series have been confirmed, bringing Moon Knight into view of a mainstream audience who may not be as familiar with his comic history might lead to future opportunities to include a comic-inspired minifigure, similar to how Daredevil and Punisher exclusively made their LEGO debut in 76178 Daily Bugle.

Either way, the arrival of Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts streaming from March 30 on Disney+. We’ve highlighted five minifigures we’d love to see from the show and comics too.

Moon Knight might not have any sets yet, but the next movie in the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has one currently available, and another rumoured for later in 2022.

Featured image: Marvel Entertainment

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