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So LEGO Dimensions is big, no it is huge and has gone down well with both gamers and LEGO fans alike. We all love the different franchises including DC Comics, “Back to the Future,” “The Simpsons,” “Scooby Doo,” “Lord of the Rings” and more. But one franchise missing is one that Lego has worked with before — Marvel. Now it has already been speculated that eventually we could see Marvel enter the game. But nothing has actually been said until now. Below are quotes from Marvel Games and TT Games regarding Marvel being part of Dimensions.

During NYCC, Mike Jones, an executive producer with Marvel Games, was asked if the franchise would ever appear in “LEGO Dimensions.” While Jones didn’t flat out say no, he did beat around the bush and proceeded to talk about “Disney Infinity 3.0,” a game that the Marvel franchise is featured in and the upcoming “Lego Marvel Avengers” game.

Obviously, Dimensions is fantastic. For the last year, we’ve been focused on telling our ‘LEGO Marvel Avengers’ stories. So we haven’t thought much about it, and honestly didn’t know Dimensions until it was announced and you guys knew about it,” said Jones.

They don’t tell us everything by the way. We think there is some awesome stuff going on there. At the same time, if you guys have played Disney Infinity, that’s where we are mashing up Marvel characters with Disney and Pixar. Star Wars just got added in 3.0. So we’re having fun with the cross-over IP mashup and focused on telling our own LEGO Marvel stories with Arthur and the team. So that’s kind of as far as we’ve thought,” he continued.

So while Jones kinda brushed off the actual question, Arthur Parsons from TT Games had a slightly more optimistic response.

From a TT standpoint, never say never,” said Parsons, a game director at TT Games.

So what do you reckon will we or won’t we? Also what other IP’s do you want to see be part of Dimensions?

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2 thoughts on “Marvel speak on LEGO Dimensions

  • 20/10/2015 at 12:35

    “One franchise missing is one that Lego has worked with before — Marvel”

    There are several franchises missing that LEGO and TT Games have worked with before; Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars. It seems likely we’ll get a Fantastical Beasts set in Dimensions next year when the new films and sets come out but I doubt we’ll see Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars (or Marvel) bearing in mind they are Disney properties and they want you to play Disney Infinity. That said, Disney knows how to make money and they may think LEGO Dimensions is a good way to push Disney forward so it *might* happen but I’d personally be very surprised (and delighted) and think it would be several years away.

    • 20/10/2015 at 14:10

      We know and have covered everything you mentioned, reason for the article was that Marvel have been asked about it and are very cagey with their answers. we already know several packs including HP, A Team and more. 😉


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