LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery dinosaur builds in detail

After the recent news that the LEGO House will showcase three spectacular dinosaur builds, the team behind the Home of the Brick has shared these new, clear images of the three models.

Each dinosaur is built from a different LEGO system, from Duplo at one end of the spectrum to Technic at the other. Each Tyrannosaurus Rex is stepping on a LEGO brick, which is of course how these blocky beasts got their roar. They will form the centrepiece of the Masterpiece Gallery, which is where the finest AFOL builds will be displayed.

The LEGO House’s Senior Designer, Stuart Harris, said of the builds, ‘we wanted to create some unique and breathtakingly iconic models. At the same time we wanted to create opportunities within the house to showcase the incredible creativity and diversity of the AFOL community.’

Fans inspired little details in the models, such as using the turtle piece for the Duplo dino’s eye.

Each dinosaur is three metres tall, but of course thanks to the different building systems have very different piece counts. Here are the stats:

  • DUPLO – 50,940 pieces
  • System – 253,274 pieces
  • Technic – 298,431 pieces

The Technic Rex has a solid core, and uses 700 individually constructed panels based on 18 different panel designs.


The LEGO House opens on September 28, with tickets on sale now.



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