May the Fourth exclusive revealed

Yesterday was a busy news day and as such we left a few late night pieces of news till this morning. Starting first with the upcoming May the Fourth promotion. Every year LEGO do an exclusive Star Wars polybag minifigure to celebrate what has now become Star Wars day. In the past we’ve seen some excellent minifigures, however I think most people will be a little disappointed with this years offering.

The exclusive promotional polybag has been revealed to be 30602 First Order Stormtrooper. For those with an untrained eye or like me not a huge Star Wars fan the minifigure looks like a carbon copy of the  Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper in 75132 First Order Battle Pack. However, he has a slightly updated torso print containing ammunition pack and back pack. Personally they all look the same so can’t see the appeal and no doubt it will set you back £50 in purchases to obtain it. So those crazy enough to want the Assualt on Hoth set, can sit pondering why they wasted their money with an equally disappointed May the Fourth minifigure! 😛

May the Fourth

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One thought on “May the Fourth exclusive revealed

  • 24/03/2016 at 17:02

    WOW this is lazy! Out of all the wonderful new characters we got in TFA we get a “slightly” different variation of a figure already available in battle packs…brilliant :/


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