Meet the LEGO MASTERS USA contestants: Travis and Corey

Brick Fanatics is speaking to the LEGO MASTERS USA contestants to find out more about them and their passion for the hobby. Corey reveals the classic Space sts that sparked his interest in this exclusive interview

LEGO MASTERS USA is about to begin. Some of the best builders in the US are competing to see who will receive the title of LEGO MASTERS as they face tough challenges that will push their building ability to the limit.
Brick Fanatics is speaking to the builders who have their sights on the ultimate LEGO prize to get to know them better. Travis and Corey are nicknamed ‘Brothers who brick’ – because they are brothers.

Unfortunately, Travis was unavailable for interview, but according to the press materials he is a pre-school teacher with a creative streak.

In this exclusive interview, Aaron reveals that he was lucky enough to avoid a dark age and that he keeps his modular buildings intact.

LEGO MASTERS USA contestants Travis Corey 1

What is your LEGO background?

Corey: My first experience with LEGO happened when I was five years old. I received my first LEGO System sets – 6959 Lunar Launch Site, 6949 Robo-Guardian and 6889 Recon Robot.

What are your favourite types of models to build? Where do you do your building?

Corey: The MOCs (my own creations) I enjoy building outside of LEGO sets are wearable LEGO MOCs – Marvel weaponry, fashion et cetera.

Do you collect LEGO sets and/or bricks?

Corey: I collect both LEGO sets and bricks.

Do you have any other creative hobbies?

Corey: I love to draw and paint, I create comic books, I love to go bowling and any outdoor activity –camping, hiking, letterboxing, orienteering.

LEGO MASTERS will premiere on Fox in the USA on Wednesday, February 5 at 9.00pm ET/10.00pm PT.

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