Memory Lane: The LEGO Club UK Sticker sheet

Who doesn’t like stickers? I know that my wee one cannot get enough of them and likes to stick them everywhere. On random stuff, not where they are meant to be stuck. It is a kind of addictive thing that children love.

And what better thing to receive within your LEGO Club membership than LEGO related stickers. I was dead chuffed to find my old sheets within the archives stored away somewhere. I do remember that when the membership pack arrived, this was one of the first things I went for.

I have got four sheets which represent 4 years worth of memberships – I think between 1985 and 1989.


The first sheet is from the period 1985-1988. The other two I have had the majority of stickers placed up a variety of bricks within my parts bin. Yup, they are still stuck on them and it is almost impossible to separate the bricks due to this!

Amazingly the sticker sheet is intact – just about. It is 30 years old and the gum from the sheet has eroded over time, therefore I have just kept it within a plastic sleeve to preserve it.

The big LEGO stickers at the top right were good for adding to a container truck MOC on the trailer, which is what I did. It was not to minifigure scale, more Star Wars scale, as I liked to build big MOCs back in the day. After all, this was a time when Star wars figures had laser guns………minifigures just had a smile.

One of the big themes for LEGO at the start of the 1980s was LEGOLAND – namely Town and Space and this is reflected within the themes of the sticker sheet. They were the biggest sellers, with Castle making smaller in-roads. Other prominent stickers of note are the Captain Indigo and Polka Dot minifigure torso stickers. For those that are not aware and a quick recap (hopefully it will jog the memory cells for those that remember), the 6000 LEGO Ideas Book featured these characters very heavily within this publication and was a theme running through the Bricks and Pieces magazine.

In today’s world of minifigure collection there are all kinds of weird and wonderful, but these torso stickers were exclusive to the UK LEGO Club and one could mod a minifigure to create the characters of Indigo and Dot by using them, thus creating a a whole set of adventures. I did do this to one torso and I have it in my minifigure parts bin. And the stickers have still stuck!

By far, these are my favourites and I am so chuffed that I still have them when they could have very easily been binned by now. Could I have the world’s only fully existing sticker sheet of this particular one? I could be on a fortune here…..

The second sheet, I think is from my last year of membership. It is incomplete as you can see, as I stuck some of them to my tallboy along with other stickers from Match and Smash Hits. Which is a bit of a shame as there was no need to do so, but when you are a  kid, all these things look like a good idea. (Incidentally, I still have that tallboy at my parents some – and all the stickers are on there!).


The themes within this sheet reflect the introduction of the LEGOLAND light and sound system as well as Town Airport and Harbour. Add to the awesome Space Trak which was a hybrid train system but used as a form of battery operated motion mechanism to power models along a specific track. These sets are now quite sought after.

Note that there are lots of “computer” stickers that could be added to roof tiles as well – I know that from my own sets the computer printed bricks were very prized with many a fight and dodgy deal with my younger brother needed to secure them and add to my MOC. The other complete image has been taken from Brickset to show the full sheet.


Having got these sheets out and seeing how they have stood the test of time, they are going safely back into their plastic sleeve and stored away. Of course, there have been other versions of the sticker sheets that were also produced and a little research has come up with these ones which I didn’t have or were before my time as LEGO Club member. Again, looking through the various ones the stickers are based around the minifigure realms and whilst Brickset provides this images, I do wonder how many of them are now still intact and unused?

My next musings will be looking at the Club sew on patch which is the final part of the membership pack.


My name is Keith and I am a AFOL. Currently an expat living out in Basel, CH, but have a firm footing back in the UK when time permits. I have had had Lego ever since I can remember - and only until my wee one came along have I re-kindled the flame for building again. I also run, a resource site for the 1-75 series of miniatures by Matchbox. There are only three themes that I am get/collect (finances permitting) - City, Creator (Advanced and Expert) as well as the classic Star Wars sets from Eps IV to VI (anything else does not exist). I also keep an eye in Europe with ample chance to see how France, Germany and Switzerland market and offer LEGO.

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